The Experience Attending Garmin Digital Health Breakfast 2017

The Experience Attending Garmin Digital Health Breakfast 2017

The Experience Attending Garmin Digital Health Breakfast 2017

Nearly 100 people, representing all sectors of the Digital Health market, joined Garmin´s breakfast in Barcelona last week, the day Mobile world Congress starts.

Participants from all over the world gathered to discuss the latest developments in this fast-moving sector. From the presentations, the panel discussion, and the networking event following the breakfast, it’s clear that no single company can tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of this market alone.

Garmin and Digital Health

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To kick off the breakfast, Jörn Watzke (Global Director of B2B Sales) and Travis Johnson (Lead Product Manager for Garmin Health) discussed Garmin’s role in the Digital Health market and gave an overview of the new Garmin Health API features.Garmin manufactures reliable, high-quality devices and provides software services that make it easy to integrate the data they track in to our partners’ platforms. GarminHealth is a driving force in the market, available to promote partnerships across companies and create standardized solutions ideal for insurance, corporate wellness, and population health applications.

The Digital Health Market and the Business of Prevention

Following the overview, Garmin invited industry experts Jorge García Galduroz (CEO ofMyVitale), Ludovic Pureur (CMO of Visionarity), Frank Siering (DKV Health Insurance Spain), and Scott Montgomery (CEO of Globetrekker) to the stage for a panel discussion about the trends, opportunities, and challenges they face in the Digital Health market.

The panelists agreed that the business opportunities in this space outweigh the challenges they face delivering services tailored to a variety companies and end-users.

As the market evolves, so do the needs of these companies and investments are moving from wellness-centric programs toward a more holistic approach that encompasses prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Traditional physical activity metrics are increasingly being combined with elements like nutrition, sleep and stress to create full-featured programs.

Maintaining user engagement is critical to the success of all these initiatives. The panelists discussed their unique approaches to keeping participants involved, with solutions like gamification, reward systems, and even charitable donations. User engagement is doubly important for payers, like DKV, who must quantify both the short and long term gains of promoting a healthy lifestyle for their insured. Prevention and early detection of health-related issues are the key to success and require solutions backed by platforms that keep their customers active and provide reliable, objective data.

On a Joint Path

As always, the best part of the event was gathering together the brightest minds in the industry, sharing our stories, and discussing how we can succeed together in the Digital Health market.
Thanks so match to Garmin guys to give us the opportunity to share this experience and to attend the 2017 Garmin Digital Health Breakfast.

Comunicación Medssocial
Comunicación Medssocial